A One heck of a weekend…!

Wow. Thanks NJ for bringing us some incredible shows this weekend!

(Click-thru for pictures by Dan)

We started off with the Section 8 Record Release for the band Coke Fiend, a youth crew style band from the area. Guitarist, Andrew, set up this fantastic gig which featured New Reality, Villain, Alert, and Outlast from NJ. Outlast had their bus blow up on the way up to Massachusetts, but had a great time at the show and got a lot of support. So thank you to everyone who came to the show, paid, and bought merch from those dudes. This is what hardcore is all about. xxx

Here is a video of Outlast’s cover of Judge – Bringin’ it Down.  I’m sorry I still don’t know how to embed videos on WordPress, this is wicked annoying.

Saturday brought a slightly different crowd for the return of Kill Conrad, a local favorite among the pop punk fans in the city. They were joined by the Inhalers, the Young Leaves, and two rad bands from New Jersey Brick Mower and Black Wine. Brick Mower’s new record is fantastic, please be sure to check them out if you haven’t. This show was also incredibly positive and I want to thank everyone, again, for being part of it!


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