Spring Showlistings

February 24
Mary Christ, Psychic Blood, Curmudgeon, Cop Out – 7PM $5

February 25, 26: H.E.L.L. Compilation Release
A Fundraiser for Helping Everyone Live Longer
25: Roadrage, Powerwolves, Life &Limb, Luau, Ghost Thrower, Ten Thirty Nine, No Submission, Hunger, The Stereo State
26: Tiger’s Jaw, The First Annual (Last Show), The Tower And The Fool, Graverobbers, Bicycle Ride +Special Guest

March 2nd:
HOST (NY/NH), HOST, Boston Strangler, Waste Managment, Bloodkrow Butcher, Peacebreakers, No Tolerance

March 9th:
Born Without Bones Tour Kickoff

March 10th:
Black Kites, Convulsions, Spectre Alone, Furnace, Mean Man’s Dream

March 16th:
Hounds of Hate (PA), The Rival Mob, Hoax, Anxiety, America’s Pride

March 24+25: Smash it Dead!
A Fundraiser for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
24: Surrender, The Credentials, Foreign Objects, Aye Nako, Spraynard, Rations, Dead Uncles, Spoonboy +More
25: Ampere, The Inhalers, Sick Fix, Death First, Cloud Rat, Curmudgeon, Congenital Death +More

April 6:
Code Orange Kids, The World is…, Full of Hell, Deer Leap, Clippers



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