Smash it Dead Fest this past weekend!

This past weekend, the Smash it Dead collective put on a fest held mainly at the Democracy Center, with over 30 bands and a handful of workshops throughout. The fest raised over $4000 for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and also brought the discussion of intimate violence, abuse and positive sexuality to the forefront within a space that it is not often discussed — punk shows.

The door with our Safer Space Policy. “Don’t be a dipshit.” (Photo by Rachel Atcheson)

Photo by Rachel Atcheson

Male Privilege workshop, held by Jake and Inman

Photo by Ali Donahue

Death First from NYC


Thanks again to all those who attended, performed, presented and put this amazing fest together. Most of all, thanks for BARCC and other organizations for their work in supporting people affected by sexual assault and abuse.


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