In case you’re new here…

I feel like this site may be getting some new traffic due to the Ceremony and Tragedy shows coming up — so here’s a few things I want ya’ll to know!

-This is a participatory space! While I do book 1-2 shows a month here, I also facilitate the space for outside promoters. The DC is a DIY venue — I encourage anyone to contact me to book a show or volunteer if they can. I also encourage people at shows to help keep it safe and organized — I do not hire any outside security or bouncers to regulate, because I feel that punk is generally pretty “self-policing.” If you see somebody drinking in the space, crowd-punching/targeting people when they dance, writing graffiti ON the building, or otherwise fucking up: tell them! We are all accountable to one another, and we are all responsible for keeping this space open and inviting to the hardcore/punk community.

-The shows here are donation based, and often sliding scale. Pay UP on that scale when you can, to allow for kids that cannot afford it as well as ensuring that the touring bands get as much money as possible. I do not get paid for the shows I book here, and promoters are encouraged to split money between only the bands and the venue. We do not sell tickets ahead of time, sorry.

-If you ever feel unsafe, threatened, or just plain bummed out about something that’s happening, PLEASE come talk to me or whoever is working at the door. If you’d like to talk about it after, my email is listed under “Contact.” I will do my absolute best to address concerns about the space so that everyone feels excited to come out to the shows we have here.

Thanks again to all of my friends and fellow promoters for supporting the space again and again, including but not limited to: Tommy Draize, John Campo, Zeeks, Jenn Amerman, SWP, the Smash it Dead Crew, Scott Ayotte, Garvey, Adam F., Mike Assatley, Keith Alert, etc etc you know who you are. <3

See you all Friday,

PS: Booking is CLOSED for April, May,and July. Too many shows, too little time.


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