Photo by Reid Haithcock

My name is Kimberly, and I facilitate shows for bookers at the Democracy Center. The shows here are always all ages, drug and alcohol-free, with an emphasis on DIY ethics. Just about anybody can book shows here, volunteer, or get involved in some way. Eventually, I hope to go back to a more collectively-run format. But for now, it’s just easier to do it myself.

If you have any ideas, concerns, or want to get involved, email me at democtr.shows (AT) gmail.com

Beginning in May,2005, shows at the Democracy Center were dealt with primarily through the Papercut Zine Library, who used to have residence in the space. Librarians would allow up to three shows per month, with at least one of them being a benefit for an organization of the booker’s choosing.

Since moving to Somerville in February 2010, the Papercut librarians had largely stepped back from their duties at the Democracy Center. I wanted to keep shows going though, so now I am involved in both organizations.