How to book a show at the Democracy Center.

1. To book a show, check the calendar for availability and then email democtr.shows(AT)gmail(dot)com to reserve your date.

Your email should include: The date of the show, bands you plan on asking (with bandcamps/sample lyrics), and any other relavent info (how much you plan on asking at doors, if the show is a benefit, etc.)

*Please do not begin promoting your show or asking bands until you recieve a confirmation email.
2. Once you get a confirmation, you’ll be asked to do a walk-through and volunteer at one show before yours. It’s your responsibility to schedule this, and the show may be canceled if you do not volunteer. To volunteer, simply show up 1 hour before doors of any show — and stay for one hour after to help with clean-up. You’ll also sign a contract and drop off your (refundable) $200 deposit at this time.
Please note:

-Shows at the DC can be booked for just $50. Because the space is so inexpensive, I ask that bookers treat each show as a benefit, with $50-150 going towards the Booking Collective/Papercut Zine Library, or another organization of your choice. Some benefits we’ve had in the past include Aids Action Committee, The Travis Project, Planned Parenthood and Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

-Bookers are encouraged to ask for donations at the door to support touring bands and the space. However, they can’t turn people away for lack of funds.

-Shows MUST end by 11pm on Friday and Saturday, and 9pm on Sundays. We do not book week day shows.

-The Democracy Center is an ALL AGES, ALCOHOL FREE SPACE. If this is not enforced during your show, you may not be allowed to book here again.

If you have any questions just email democtr.shows(at)gmail(dot)com