The Democracy Center

Photos of our events:
Bummer City
Angela Owens

Some other all-ages DIY venues we support:
Anchors Up! – All ages shows in Haverhill, MA
RAD Skatepark – All ages shows/skating in Mendon, MA
Flywheel – All ages, DIY venue + infoshop in Easthampton, MA
AS 220 – A gallery and all ages showspace in Providence, RI

Buy more records:
Welfare Records – Haverhill, MA
Weirdo Records – Cambridge, MA
Armageddon – Providence, RI//Cambridge, MA

Other stuff we like:
Papercut Zine Library – A lending library that is open to the public, featuring over 14,000 independently published materials
Lucy Parsons Center – An anarchist bookstore in the South End
Helping Everyone Live Longer – An organization dedicated to promoting bike safety through affordable/free helmets and lights